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Better Nutrition. Healthier Pets.

Since small pets instinctively hide that they don’t feel well, many health problems go unnoticed even by the most loving care-takers… until the problems get worse. Sherwood Pet Health helps you prevent these with Worry-Free foods and supplements. Join the thousands of pet parents who have seen their furry friends transform into vibrant, healthy and happy members of their families.

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Healthier bunnies

Posted by Dawn

“I bought this bunny food because my bunnies seem to have a lot of sludge in their urine. So when I got the bag my bunnies love the food and I have noticed now that they have less sludge and i need to clean up in their litter boxes less and less smell so I’m very happy with the food and so are my bunnies.”

Great Food for my Three Chinnies

Posted by Melanie Elaine

“I’ve been feeding my babies ????? for a few years, but I noticed my one fluff had weird, mucousy poos once in awhile so I decided to try switching to this. It took a bit for them to decide it was edible, but they all seem to love it now and I have yet to see a weird poo during playtime, no one is overweight or underweight, their fur is soft and gorgeous, and they all have a ton of energy.”

Piggy tested and approved

“Our piggys had some urinary problems and these pellets seemed to take care of it. They are very happy with them and purr when it’s time to refill!”