Guarantee: 100% money back guarantee*

Regardless of where in the world you bought Sherwood Pet Health products if you are not satisfied we’ll give you your money back!

We’ll even take it a step further… because we care about you and your pet the Sherwood team is here to help them be as healthy as they can be. Even if you don’t use Sherwood products contact us so we can talk about your pet and how to help them with their unique needs.

*Sherwood Pet Health will refund you up to Sherwood’s current on-line retail price for the most recent product you have purchased within 3 months with a proof of purchase regardless of where you bought it. You don’t need to contact anyone else and we will initiate the refund with 3-5 business days. Limit to one item refunded one time per sku/product per household.

Your refund will be given through your paypal account. This helps us to ensure a fast refund anywhere in the world.