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January 2018

We’re glad to have you part of the Sherwood family, Phoebe!

“When I adopted my rabbit Phoebe from a shelter, her fur was in bad shape. It was rough, coarse, and patchy. Since I brought her home I’ve been feeding her Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food, and it’s completely changed. Within a few months of her new diet her fur has come in beautifully. Her coat is so much thicker and softer now, you wouldn’t even think she’s the same rabbit. In addition to transforming her fur, she’s also lost quite a bit of extra weight. When first adopted, my vet said she was about 0.5lbs overweight, and recommended the Sherwood pellets along with plenty of exercise to get her back on track. Within 3 months she lost all the extra weight, and has since been able to maintain her weight. Seeing all of these healthy changes in her has proven to me what a great product this food really is.”

-Audrina, Pet Parent

Bo and Brock

December 2017

We’re glad to have you part of the Sherwood family, Bo and Brock!

“I can’t thank you guys enough for the amazing products you guys provide for these little fur balls! Their poop have been very regular, round, golden and plentiful! Their fur…omg! How soft it is!!! It use to feel coarse, but now it’s so smooth and soft! I love it!!! They love their digestive supplements…they both go crazy for it every morning. One shake of the bag and they come running! Thanks again for such amazing products!!!

Our bunnies just turned 1 last month. I had a problem with Bo (my BEW) again, but this time it was due to teeth issues. He needed to get them burred. He wasn’t eating at all, no pooping for hours, grinding his teeth and not his active self. Bo never grinds his teeth, not even while he’s being petted so I immediately knew something was wrong. Took him to the vets and they gave him some gut motility, pain meds and antibiotics. I had to syringe feed him for 3 days because he wasn’t eating on his own. At one point, I thought we were going to lose him.

The product that helped him the most during that time was the SARx, both the rescue and recovery. The SARx (rescue) kept him perky and the Recovery helped his gut to keep moving. A day after his teeth burring, he was back to his normal, feisty self! I’m so glad I had all of that on hand in my “Bunny First Aid Kit” I especially loved the huge syringe that came with the recovery food, that helped me tons!

I still currently give both my buns the Digestive Tablets once daily. They love it and if I for some reason forget to give it or I’m not right on schedule with it, they definitely throw fits and start thumping till I come down stairs. It’s like bunny crack for them…lol!”

-Tiffany R. Pet Parent


November 2017

We’re glad to have you part of the Sherwood family, Beaux!

“Ever since Beaux tried Sherwood he will not eat any other pellets, he’s hooked! He was sick a few months ago and I got him the recovery food and I believe he’s here because of it. He’s my old man, just turned 5 :)”

-Ashlee Gould, Pet Parent

Herman “Murderface” Munster

October 2017

We’re glad to have you part of the Sherwood family, Herman!

“This is Herman “Murderface” Munster, our “runt of the litter” Holland Lop. We adopted him Nov 2016 as a little brother to our Flemish giant, Lily. Herman is the happiest, cuddliest creature you could ever meet. He spends his days munching on his hay fortified Sherwood Pellets and Timothy hay, and his nights cuddling in bed watching tv. His favorite show is, of course, The Munsters. We found out that he has a genetic spine disorder. His back has three 90* bends; one at the base of his neck, and two down by his tail, only visible by X-ray. Only two weeks after finding this out, he had a mishandling accident while in someone else’s care for a long weekend. We came home to a paralyzed bun and thought we were going to lose him. Long sad story short, after a couple acupuncture therapy treatments, he was walking again! Now three months later, he’s back to running, jumping and binkying all over. He is absolutely a miracle bunny. We’ve been exclusively buying Sherwood hay fortified pellets for years because we know it’s the best stuff out there, and the bunnies love it. It keeps them happy and healthy and their coats shiny. We love that we don’t need to worry about chemicals and additives and that we can buy it in bulk. Thank you for creating such great food for our fur babies!!”

-Katie S, Pet Parent

Finnegan and Muffin

August 2017

We’re glad to have you part of the Sherwood family, Finnegan and Muffin!

“Finnegan and Muffin are our bonded pair. We adopted them in November 2015 almost two months after our first bunny died. They were picked by our first bunny about 15 months before his death. They are special to us, because they spent nearly five years at the sanctuary and now accept us and show us affection. They are enjoying life as pampered house rabbits…

I really like the fresh smell of the Sherwood pellets. Both bunnies are waiting for them every morning and eat them enthusiastically. The pellets look greener than what we fed before. Finnegan, especially, seems to have softer fur than on the other pellets. Since both are six years old, I was surprised that his fur felt softer, since he is getting older. Both are fixed, so their urine and poop didn’t smell much at all. Muffin seems to have lost some weight. She was overweight, when we adopted them. Our vet suggested decreasing the pellet intake and she did lose over a pound from less pellets and more exercise. Muffin looks like she has slimmed somewhat more since the switch to Sherwood pellets. Finnegan has survived three episodes of stasis and this was the reason behind our switch. I wanted him to have the best nutrition possible. There is a suspicion that Finnegan gets blockages from grooming himself and Muffin during molting. Finnegan doesn’t need to lose anymore weight. Each episode has seen a loss of at least one tenth of a pound. Thank you to David for answering my questions about Finnegan and his health.”

-Rita Gerstheimer, Pet Parent


July 2017

We’re glad to have you part of the Sherwood family, Ollie!

“Ollie was adopted 2 months ago. He is 5 months old and he’s a bundle of joy. Ollie came to us with dire circumstances. He was previously used as “live bait” to train a future hunting dog. Because of this, he was extremely malnourished and withdrawn from human interaction. Eventually, he was released into the surrounding neighborhood but returned because he was unfamiliar of his surroundings. An acquaintance of Ollie’s previous owner caught Ollie and sought a home for him. She felt sorry for him and wanted him to have a good home. Thus he miraculously ended up in my arms. We’ve spent the last month introducing him to our family. He was such a tiny little thing– mainly skin, fur, and bones. Thanks to Sherwood Pellets (it’s our family favorite) and plenty of hay, love, and patience, he finally met his goal with steady weight gain. His fur used to be matted and greasy and stuck together in clumps, but now it has a beautiful, sleek, and natural shine. He is a complete sweetheart, and he finally understands what it’s like to be cared for in a nurturing home filled with love.”

-Paja Xiong, Pet Parent


June 2017

We’re glad to have you part of the Sherwood family, Savannah!

“This is Savi (Savannah). She’s one of your biggest yet smallest fans. Sherwood Pet Health has very literally saved her life. Lionheads, like many other small bunnies, are prone to malocclusions. Savi’s case was severe, resulting in really wacky tooth growth and lots of abscesses. Sadly, she has lost all her teeth and most of her jaw, but she is thriving on Sherwood pellets and immune support tablets, and SARx has been critical to her recovery from surgery. Her vet is thrilled with her health, and is as much a fan of Sherwood as Savi and I are!”

-Karen Ingram, Pet Parent


APRIL 2017

We’re glad to have you part of the Sherwood family, Cash!

“Please meet Cash, named after the Man in Black himself (hello I’m Johnny Cash). Cash is an approximately four-year-old Mini-Rex who is defines the layback bunny lifestyle. Cash came to us after Frankie, our first bunny, selected him as her “hus-bun” at a bunny speed-dating event three years ago. Cash loves the finer things in life, like a soft bed to sleep in, hay imported from California, fresh veggies from our garden, and raisins. Cash also loves to have his soft Rex fur stroked and will often run across the room (and underneath our feet) when he wants attention. We also discovered that Cash has a bit of a sensitive stomach but after switching to Sherwood Adult Rabbit pellets and a daily maintenance dose of digestives, he’s perkier than ever and not as prone to GI stasis.”

-Michael Shane Protka, Pet Parent

Stormy Kisses

MARCH 2017

“We have a mixed breed bunny that a lady told us was going to die. I said I’ll take her. She was so very tiny and I was worried. But, now she’s huge! Bigger than our dog! I think she’s part giant rabbit. Her name is Stormy Kisses. We named her that because she literally licks everyone like mad. More than our dog does. She’s so loving and I believe she Kisses everyone so much is because she knows we saved her and gave her a loving forever home. She eats her Sherwood pellets daily and she gets dried mango or banana slices as a treat.”

-Cyndi Beckner Coveleski, Pet Parent