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SARxTM stands for Small Animal Rescue/Recovery.

SARx (pronounced SAR-ex) are multi-step premium rescue and recovery products designed specifically for each species (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Chinchillas). READ PDF

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Available at Veterinarian offices, Rescue/shelter groups, and general retail outlets (on-line stores also).

Available at Veterinarian offices, Rescue/shelter groups, and general retail outlets (on-line stores also).

SARx Recovery product is a scientifically balanced complete meal (grain/soy-free) with an extra nutritional boost designed to help stressed pets make a great recovery.

Each formula is specifically formulated for each species (PLUS formula is for weight gain).

How it works: After an operation or other stressful event some small animals may be too weak to eat. These same pets will have an increased need for specialized nutrition to compensate for disrupted metabolic cycles and caecal fermentation patterns until they are re-established. If needed provide the SARx Rescue product which restores nutrients needed to stimulate the appetite.

How it is administered: This specially formulated balanced and complete food is to be mixed with warm water in a 1:3 ratio (1 tablespoon recovery food mixed with 3 tablespoons water), then slowly mouth feed with the provided syringe.

After an operation or other stressful event we recommend feeding the SARx Recovery a minimum of 3 times a day until your pet starts eating normal amounts of dry food (hay and pellets). In most cases this will be less than 3 days but in some cases it could take up to 8 to 10 days.

For some degenerative health conditions the SARx formula can be fed regularly to supplement or replace the normal diet. It contains an extra dose of proper long-stranded fragments of timothy hay to compensate for bunnies who do not or cannot eat loose hay. It also provides motility herbs (found in our digestive tablet) that help regulate healthy ceacal fermentation patterns (very effective at preventing G.I. stasis).

Species Specific Nutrition: Instead of providing a single generic formula for all small herbivores, it is very important to tailor the formulas to provide optimized species-specific nutrition. Additionally Sarx Recovery is available in two formulas for each species depending upon body condition (PLUS is for weight gain). You can easily switch between formulas or blend them as needed.


Maintaining a healthy weight for small herbivores who are already at a healthy weight or need to lose weight.


For small herbivores who need to quickly gain more healthy weight.

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SARx Rescue product is a scientifically formulated quick acting water soluble nutrient mix that quickly regenerates your pets feeling of well being and stimulates their appetite providing a jump-start to a good recovery.

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How it works: Small animals that have quit eating and/or drinking are hours away from dying. There are many causes of such a condition (stress, improper diet, dehydration, surgery, and others). In any of these conditions the main cause leading to the refusal to eat/drink is a lack of specific nutrients in the blood stream that normally signal to the brain the current metabolic status of the animal and regulate the appetite. Restoring these nutrients is key to stimulating the appetite and starting your pet back on the path to recovery.

How it is administered: The SARx rescue product comes as a powder in a sealed bag (foil lined to exclude light). To use simply mix the powder in water and draw up into a syringe (1 scoop of powder per 3cc water per pound of body weight) and then mouth feed. The ‘fiber-free’ pre-dissolved nutrients ensures a fast acting delivery system that is very quickly absorbed into the blood stream. The powder has a subtle salty taste to it. It may be helpful to mix in a diluted fruit juice for flavor.

Repeated use?: In some cases it may be necessary to provide the stressed small herbivore with additional doses. In such a case it is advisable to give the first dose in the full amount. Then, ideally, within 30 minutes or less of administering the SARx rescue product the patient should be encouraged to start eating SARx recovery food. If the patient still isn’t eating then 2nd SARx rescue dose can be administered in the full amount. Additional doses can be given every 4 hours at a half rate (½ scoop/lb. body weight) as needed but it is critical that the patient begins to to eat the SARx recovery food.

Contact your local small animal veterinarian for additional professional care. If they are not yet aware of SARx, call us to send them samples and additional technical & formula information.