SARx is better than other brands in several ways… you be the judge.
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3x Papaya

Grain & Soy-Free
Better Ingredients
Two step process


SARx is hay-based. This means that the formulas exclusively use hay as a source of fiber rather that using fillers such as soybean hulls or beet pulp. Even if other brands have timothy hay as the first ingredient the addition of these other less expensive fiber sources reduces the actual amount of timothy hay the formula contains. Look at this picture and see all soybean hulls in the mix! Note: SARx has over 80% hay while other brands are typically only around 37% timothy hay.

It isn’t that soybean hulls are that bad. Regarding its function, which is to provide long-stem fiber, it seems to do just fine. The downside is that it is ’empty’ and doesn’t provide any of the other nutritional benefits that grass hay does. Read more about long-stem fiber and, more importantly the shorter fibers that are the nutritional powerhouses that are so vital to health.

Long-Stem Fiber particles are crucial for proper gut health. The actual size of a “long-stem fiber” is different for each species. For rabbits it is every particle that is longer than 1.7mm (7/100th of an inch). For smaller pets like guinea pigs it is less than half that size but it still functions in much the same way. Long-stem fibers are used for proper digestive tract clean out (see diagram). Lignin is responsible for the “long-stem fiber” particles found in hay. It is commonly known as wood. Tough stems have more lignin in them than soft tender leaves. As our pets chew on hay the lignified part resists being broken down and acts as ‘long-stem fiber’. The portions that are more easily broken down become the short fibers that fuel healthy bacterial fermentation that produces B-vitamins and other nutrients.

What about short-stem fibers? These are even more important because they end up in the ceacum and fuel healthy bacterial fermentation. The types of fibers that end up in the ceacum will determine the types of bacteria that grow. Cellulose supports healthy bacterial populations that produce B-vitamins, volatile fatty acids and other nutrients.

Starch from grain or grain-by products and Soy also end up in the ceacum and contribute to the unhealthy fermentation patterns that lead to a loss of appetite, bloat, or other digestive upset.

In the picture below notice the difference in the types of long-stem fiber between SARx (from hay) and other brands (primarily from soybean hulls).

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SARx contains at least 3 times more papaya than other brands. Furthermore we add additional papain (papaya’s protein digestive enzyme).

The packaging of other brands don’t directly say how much papaya is in the formula but if you look at the list of ingredients its easy to see that they actually contain less than 1% papaya based on the order of ingredients papaya comes after vitamin C (vitamin C is listed as 1% or 10,000mg/kg).

Grain & Soy-Free

Did you know that many of the ingredients (such as: soybean meal, wheat germ, xanthan gum, cane molasses, oat groats, wheat middlings) in most liquid diets on the market today contain indigestible starch, sugar, and protein that contributes to ceacal fermentation problems? The diet of small herbivores should be hay-based instead of grain and soy based.

To support optimal digestive health for your pet at this critical time avoid feeding soy and grain by-products!

Species-Specific Nutrition

Each species is very different. They each have different metabolic rates, digestive efficiencies, and specific nutritional needs. For this reason we felt it was important to go the extra mile and fine-tune the formulas to provide optimal nutrition with our species-specific SARx Recovery food.

SARx recovery food is species-specific. This way when your pet is recovering from stress, illness, trauma, dehydration, or surgery you can be sure that they are getting a complete diet containing a balance of all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and other nutrients needed to optimize healing.

Two Formulas for each species. Is your pet overweight? Or is he/she underweight and need to rapidly gain healthy weight? We know that both of these scenarios are common. For this reason you can find our species-specific recovery formulas in two versions depending on their needs. Original formula is for pets that need to lose weight or are close to a healthy weight (it will help pets slowly gain healthy weight and burn excess body fat). PLUS formula is for pets who need to rapidly gain healthy weight.

Other brands are a simple generic formula made for herbivorous reptiles like tortoises and lizards as well as small mammals like guinea pigs and rabbits.

2 Step Process:

   1 – SARx RescueTM
   2 – SARx RecoveryTM

Sometimes small herbivores like rabbits or guinea pigs stop eating. The main reasons why they lose their appetite is because they are bloated and/or they have lost certain nutrients in the blood stream that are needed to sustain the appetite which are normally produced by healthy fermentation cycles in the ceacum.

Stress, illness, trauma, dehydration, poor dietary choices, or surgery, can cause the fermentation cycles of the ceacum to become out of balance. This greatly reduces the production of B-vitamins, volatile fatty acids, and other nutrients. These same nutrients are quickly lost over the period of 12 to 24 hours and as a result your pet’s appetite will decline. Usually this is the time when pet parents take notice that there is a problem. However, at this time a high-fiber liquid diet is less effective because it takes too much time to re-establish the healthy fermentation patterns that are needed to restore these lost nutrients to their bloodstream and therefore restoring their appetite.

At this critical time in a pets life what they need is the nutrients normally produced during healthy fermentation cycles and they need it in a fast acting water soluble form (SARx Rescue). If they get these nutrients you’ll see quick improvement and it will restore their appetite and their energy levels. Then you can transition them to the SARx recovery food because it is formulated to maintain high levels of these important nutrients in the blood stream until the fiber in the diet can re-establish proper fermentation cycles.

The need for a two-step Rescue and Recovery plan.

Step #1

SARx Rescue provides the quick acting water soluble nutrients that will stimulate the appetite. To use simply mix the powder in water and draw up into a syringe (1 scoop of powder per 3cc water per pound of body weight) and then mouth feed. It will very quickly enter their blood stream and stimulate their appetite.

Step #2

SARx Recovery provides the high-fiber diet (specialized according to each species) that will maintain the appetite and clean out the G.I. tract and restore healthy stable fermentation cycles in the ceacum.

This formula can be fed continuously as a supplement to a normal diet or as a complete diet for special needs pets.